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Alaska Regional Hearing

Alaska Regional Hearing – Media Advisory


August 20, 2021 Alaska Regional Hybrid Hearing Agenda


August 20, 2021 Introductory Session by Julie Kitka Recording

August 20, 2021 Panel 1—Health, Mental Health, and Behavioral Health Recording

August 20, 2021 Panel 2—Education and Early Childhood Development Recording

August 20, 2021 Panel 3—Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Violence Recording

August 20, 2021 Panel 4—Systems Innovations and Best Practices in Native Communities Recording

Virtual Site Visit: Office of Children’s Services, State of Alaska

Virtual Site Visit: Children and Youth Services

Virtual Site Visit: Arctic Slope Native Association

Virtual Site Visit: North Slope Borough School District Superintendent

August 20, 2021 – Intro and Prayer


Presentation by Tracy Dompeling

Presentation by Karen Roth

Presentation by Roberta Moto

Presentation by North Slope Borough School District Inupiaq Education

Presentation by Arctic Slope Native Assoc Social Services

Written Testimonies

Written Testimony of Dr. Matt Hirschfeld

Written Testimony of Roberta Moto

Written Testimony of Dr. Douglas Eby

Written Testimony of Jessica Saniguq Ullrich

Written Testimony of Holly Morales

Written Testimony of Dr. Rosita Kaaháni Worl

Hearing Transcripts

CNC Regional Hearing – Introductory Session by Julie Kitka Transcript

CNC Regional Hearing – Panel 1 Transcript

CNC Regional Hearing – Panel 2 Transcript

CNC Regional Hearing – Panel 3 Transcript

CNC Regional Hearing – Panel 4 Transcript

CNC Virtual Site Visit – Office of Children’s Services, State of Alaska Transcript

CNC Utqiagvik Virtual Site Visit – Children and Youth Services Transcript

CNC Utqiagvik Site Visit – Arctic Slope Native Association Transcript

CNC Utqiagvik Site Visit – North Slope Borough School Transcript