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Hawaii Regional Hearing



Additional Materials

Media Advisory
Press Release
Panelist Bios


Presentation by Dr. Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua – Welcome Day 1
Presentation by Dr. Diane Paloma – Panel 1
Presentation by Dr. Austin Seabury – Panel 1
Presentation by Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier – Panel 2
Presentation by Dr. Laurie Tochiki – Panel 3
Presentation by Elladine Olevao and Dr. Laurie Tochiki – Panel 3
Presentation by Kamuela Enos – Panel 4
Presentation by Dr. Leialoha Benson – Panel 4
Presentation by Sandra Gasca-Gonzalez – Welcome Day 2
Presentation by Honu’āina (Honu) Nicholas – Panel 5
Presentation by ʻIhilani Lasconia – Panel 5

Written Testimonies

Written Testimony of Keli Acquaro
Written Testimony of Melissa Mayo
Written Testimony of Anastasis Neumann
Written Testimony of Isaiah Roberts

Additional Readings

E Ola Mau: The Native Hawaiian Health Needs Study
Kūlulu Kumuhana: Creating Radial and New Knowledge to Improve Native Hawaiian Wellbeing
Social Determinates of Health for Native Hawaiian Children and Adolescents
Forging a Better World for Youth
Restoring the Abundance of Our Ancestors
Racial Disparities Vex Hawaii’s Child Welfare System. Can They Be Fixed?
Hawaii Data Booklet – Annual Progress and Services Report 2023
Keep Showing Up: Parent to Parent Guide to Child Welfare Services
Relative Notification Packet Template
How Hawaiʻi is Ending Youth Incarceration
Indigenous Youth Bilingualism from a Hawaiian Activist Perspective
Pilinahā: An Indigenous Framework for Health
Historical Trauma and Triumph: An Overview of Native Hawaiian Education and Culture
Hawaiian: A Native American Language Official for a State
Family First Hawaiʻi 2021
Examples Indicators and Measures by Kūkulu Kumuhana
Kaʻakālai Kū Kanaka: A Call for Strengths-Based Approaches from a Native Hawaiian Perspective


Day 1 – Opening Remarks
Panel 1 – Physical, Mental and Behavioral Health
Panel 2 – Education and Early Childhood Development
Panel 3 – Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Violence
Panel 4 – Systems Innovation and Best Practices in Native Hawaiian Communities
Regional Public Comment Virtual Meeting
Day 2 – Opening Remarks
Panel 5 – Youth and Community Panel
Day 2 – Community/Public Panel